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Welcome to the Ghana Schools Online Dream Jobs Portal, the gateway to your career in Ghana and around the globe. Designed as a self-service portal,

  • Employers are encouraged to create accounts and update same with vacancies within their organization and they are on their way to receiving applications via email from qualified candidates around the globe.

Availability of VACANCIES means availability of JOBS.

  • Job Seeker.. create a 'My Dream Job' account right here, upload your CV, as many different variations as you wish, e.g. CV1 - Markting, CV2 - Customer Service and Public Relations, etc. Then simply browse available vacancies and pair the appropriate CV and voila! you are on your way to that dream job.

Once registered, go through the available vacancies (if any) or check back often for the latest posted job opportunities.


Ghana Schools Online and all its related sub-sites and services are products of DOT HOUSE COMPANY LIMITED under the WaaB Suite.

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